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What's New

Welcome all bridge players to the new Shrine Center Bridge Club!

  • Ample Free Parking 
  • Easy Access to Playing Site
  • Clean Surroundings
  • Cordial Atmosphere
  • Machine pre-duplicated boards with hand records and analysis for all of our games!
  • Partnerships Arranged - Go to our Contact Us tab and click on GetMeAPartner.
  • Handicap Accessible

We are located at 290 W. Hobart Road, Livingston NJ. 

For directions or questions please call us at 973-303-3232 or email us at:

Stratified Open games 7 days a week 12:30pm
0-499 games Monday and Friday at 12:30pm
Stratified Open games Monday evenings at 6:00pm 
Stratified Open games Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm

Handicap Swiss Teams Thursday evenings at 6:30pm
Supervised Play Tuesday evenings at 5:00pm and
Friday mornings at 9:30am

Playing Lessons, Private lessons by appointment.
Free Lecture every Friday at 12 noon.

Our Instructors

Mani Gupta, Jesse Reisman and Debbie Wasik
>> Find out more about our instructors

All levels of instruction will be offered, ranging from lessons and supervised play for the beginning player to specific topics that will advance experienced duplicate players skills.
>> More information about lessons

Read about what District 3 is saying about us!
Read it here


All games are sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) and conducted by a staff of League Certified Directors.

Please be considerate of others in wearing perfume, cologne or other fragrences at the table. Many players have sensitivity to scents.


Click here to see Unit 140 Youth at the Nationals 

 NEW FORMAT for Thursday evening Swiss  - Levels the Playing Field 
New Handicap Swiss Teams 
Stats A, B & C  at 6:30pm
Call 973-303-3232 or email: to register.

Read about a Hand played at the Shrine Center in Larry Cohen's "The Real Deal"

Super Bowl 2017

Flossie's 92nd Birthday, Friday, November 13

September & October Birthday Celebration

Hank Steinman, Bob Zeckhauser, Marge Weil, 
Marge Grossbarth & Brett Kunin

Eugenia & Larry Cohen visiting the Shrine Center Bridge Club

Saying Good-bye to Gloria Levine

July-August Birthday Celebration

Judy Cohen, Terry Havican, Renee Geist,
Barbara Clark & Lee Heller

Gladys Hecht Charity Game

Sally & Kenny Hecht, Sandy Manshel

Our Golden Age Masters
Ceil Ackerman and Len Wood

Renee Geist Diamond Life Master

Super Bowl Sunday 2015

May & June Birthday Celebration 2015

Gary Cukrow, Marge Tenner, David Harris, Alice Fried, Mark Brighouse, Peggy Schwartz,
Gloria Levine, Stewart Manheim, Addie Some and Mike Keefer

April Birthday Celebration 2015

Nancy Block, Sharon Frankel, Nan Wood,
Bob Fischbein, Ceil Ackerman, Liz Marks
and Jeanne Brinkmann

March Birthday Celebration 2015

Joan Brody, Sam Borenstein, Ed Bauman,
Margie Becker and Len Wood

February Birthday Celebration 2015

Roberta Salovitch and Eileen Becker

January Birthday Celebration 2015

Cheryl Angel, Fran Dworak, David Sutton 
and Gloria Hannoch

October, November & December Birthday Celebration 2014

Henry Gibson, Marcia Goldstein, Allan Rosen, Jack Eng,
Frank Dorak, Larry Youell, Vijay Ahuja, Bob Zeckhauser
and Hannah Abeles

September Birthday Celebration 2014

Marge Grossbarth, Marilyn Greenberg, Brett Kunin,

Jean Ellen Kaufman, Helene Salzman

August Birthday Celebration 2014

Judy Goldberg, Roza Cukrow, Terry Havican,
Renee Geist and Barbara Clark

July Birthday Celebration 2014

Lee Heller, Kathy Hunter, Sid Reingold, Mani Gupta and Judy Cohen

June Birthday Celebration 2014

Judith Snyder, Marge Tenner, Alice Fried, Dennis Thompson,
Barbara Stein and Liz Baird

May Birthday Celebration 2014

Addie Some, Bernice Stein, Ottie Bello, Mark Brighouse, 
Gary Cukrow and Mel Klein

April Brithday Celebration 2014

Jeanne Brinkmann, Nancy Block, Liz Marks, Dori Byrnes,
Nan Wood and Sharon Frankel

March Birthday Celebration 2014

Ed Bauman, Margie Becker, Sue Braun & 
Sam Borenstein

January Birthday Celebration 2014

Gloria Hannoch, Fran Dworak, Lester Sokolower, Barbara Rizzo
and Kathy Bassin

Shrine Center Youth Bridge Club off to Atlanta

Our Year in Pictures!

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